Chemtrails: the taboo word

Its a word which rouses an array of responses. From blank stares, laughter, eye rolling, criticism, curiosity and sometimes even looks of excitement when the people you are speaking with realise you use the word ‘chemtrails’ too. Obviously the latter is my favourite response, like finding a kindred spirit that speaks your language and with whom you can finally have a rational conversation with about the subject.

But is it okay to use the word chemtrails? After all it is said the word originated from the U.S. Military. Or does using the word chemtrails discredit you and the information you provide?

The simple answer is, it depends on your audience. The word chemtrails is descriptive and is an apt way to describe the ‘chemical trails’ we witness in our sky more days than not. Moreover, the word chemtrails encompasses technologies such as solar radiation management (SRM), stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), marine cloud brightening (MCB); technologies all based on deploying man made atmospheric chemical trails (visible or not) in an attempt to ‘engineer the climate’.

Then again, if you are talking to someone who will instantly shutdown once you say the word, is there any point speaking to them at all?

The word chemtrails is now part of pop culture. Meaning it is a word known and used by the masses. Moreover, numerous articles and papers have long suggested that the man-made clouds produced by aircraft (aka chemtrails) are indeed already geoengineering the atmosphere [1, 2, 3] (a whole other topic in and of itself, deserving of its own post).

Image by Piotr VaGla Waglowski
Despite this, the word chemtrails is often cited as one of the top 10 ‘conspiracy theories‘ and when you search the word chemtrails, most search engines turn up page after page of debunking sites before anything resembling an anti geoengineering or chemtrails website appears in the search results (if they show up at all). Even many of the larger anti geoengineering activists frown upon those of us who dare use the ‘C’ word.

Language is funny like that. Certain words or phrases provoke prejudice, hostility, passion… sadness etc. Trigger words are analysed by psychologists, monitored by governments, and used by politicians, marketers, the media, internet trolls, and yes, even everyday people.

However, irrespective of one’s position in society, cultural background or educational status, one way or another we seem to adapt to the language which surrounds us as much as the language which surrounds us adapts to us. And as history illustrates, those who speak the language deemed to be ‘proper’ or ‘noble’ will always look down upon those of us who dare to use slang, defy the rules of grammar or digress from the hodgepodge of prescriptivist jargon which they deem appropriate.

Having said all that, as for the word chemtrails, for me when I am talking to friends and family I do not hesitate to use the ‘C’ word. I sometimes even use it to trigger a reaction from certain people. But when around strangers or peers I will often use terms like weather modification, climate engineering, geoengineering, solar radiation management.

Those who are already familiar with these terms will often respond with “oh you mean chemtrails?”, but if they don’t I will usually continue using the mainstream jargon. If they ask for more information I tell them to visit the opchemtrails website and library (or if I think they are going to be super anal about the word chemtrails, I will point them to other credible sites). From there it is up to them.

Again, whether or not you use the word chemtrails is up to you, and really depends on your audience and how clearly you want your message to be received.


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Written by Kali_Furies, for, 2019.

2 Replies to “Chemtrails: the taboo word”

  1. I couldn’t said it any better or anywhere near as good/to the truth as you have Kal1.
    The way the ms journalists/official system works is beyond any standard misbehavior, with so many twists/turns till a person finely gets convinced and steered away from truth and further to be hypnotized to believe the lie.
    As you and I’ along with few other team members well know the consequences, how ever we address these most obvious crimes, even the word “crime” can effect our personality…they look for the slightest fact and try to turn it in to a nightmare with patronizing smearing and insulting comments, yet…even if we speak their language (as you pointed), the double edge knife comes out to seed anger and division, very snappy like a venomous snake when it’s cornered.

    I wonder now that the cats are out’f the bag for “higher altitude spraying” how will msm/trolls+officials will respond to our questions?
    For instance…they often refer “volcanic emissions as toxic”..and now they want(confirmed)to use the same toxins right? therefore we can name their latest sky spraying and call them ‘chemtrails’ and> #OpChemtrails’
    ……I feel we have them cornered with the very word(chemtrails’)they use as stone throwing.
    Time to throw them back!
    I dare any official/msm+sm trolls to throw the first stone and claim ‘they’re not doing it’.
    Dr Naomi Wolf is a perfect example when the word chemtrails’ is used.
    That said..I have no problem in using Geoengineering and so on accordingly, but I believe the ” chem word’ should be used more often from now-on… Just rub it in like rock salt.

    I love your work…and if I may add; many may not realize all the hard/great work you’ve done so far on this peaceful/educational site..and I hope more take further notice.
    Thank You.

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