OpChemtrails was founded in 2014 by @BlazeArt_, our compassionate and inspirational sister who is sadly no longer with us on earth, but always with us in spirit.

About OpChemtrails
OpChemtrails is run by a dedicated team of volunteers. Simply register and visit our Volunteer groups page to chat with a Volunteer.

OpChemtrails aims to raise awareness about geoengineering.

OpChemtrails seeks to empower others to stay informed and share information.

OpChemtrails has no political or institutional affiliations.

OpChemtrails is not affiliated with any other anti-geoengineering websites.

OpChemtrails has never and does not currently accept donations.

“Do not take our word for it, instead research it for yourself.”

You can support OpChemtrails by supporting these invaluable platforms:

Riseup.net – we use this site for encrypted email services, but the team at Riseup provide loads more services.

Archive.org – store and retrieve digital information before it disappears down the memory hole.

Note: The OpChemtrails twitter account uses ifttt.com to auto post tweets and information from various followers, volunteers and platforms. These tweets are generally tagged #OPC_Bot or #OPC_MediaWatch. These tweets are not reviewed by OpChemtrails and should not be viewed as an endorsement but rather as the automatic passing on of information, for your consideration.