Every Wednesday

Start time: 3pm London time (during non daylight saving hours, changing to 4pm London time during daylight saving hours).

Duration: 1 hour

The OpChemtrails account will tweet every 10 minutes (totalling 6 tweets), please copy/paste, RT, share these tweets as well as tag your own pics, information, videos etc with the #OpChemtrails hashtag.

While the main platform for OpChemtrails is Twitter, use the #OpChemtrails hashtag on other platforms such as facebook, Instagram etc. You can also find us on these platforms.

Occasionally we will have a special tweetstorm, so stay tunned to the blog and twitter account for notices.

Also, the first Wednesday in September is the day we mark our yearly tweetstorm anniversary, having had the first Tweetstorm in September 2014. So please save the date and keep an eye out for updates closer to the date.

We are still tweaking the Tweetstorm format as twitter has made so many changes to their user policies it has rendered our previous formats ineffective.