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OpChemtrails is a site which encourages people to do their own research, to think for themselves, and to network and share information about weather modification, geoengineering, and climate engineering. Find out more about OpChemtrails HERE.

Currently the main stream media, numerous academic institutions, and environmental monitoring agencies will claim that geoengineering is only in the research stages. However, when one looks into the subject, lengthy and intentional geoengineering programs and a history of weather warfare become evident.

Ask yourselves, why would scientist’s want to replicate a volcanic eruption to cool the earth when the devastating after effects of such events is well documented, including decreased rain fall, damage to agricultural land, unpredictable changes in atmosphere?

Why would scientists want to fill our atmosphere with metal and chemical particulates if such changes in the atmosphere link every known mass extinction event on earth?

Can those in power really claim to know what the ‘true’ state of the climate is when such geoengineering/climate engineering programs are not factored into their equations?

And finally ask yourselves, is there any one person, organisation, government or institution on earth that you trust enough to control the weather?

Media Watch

Keeping up-to-date with narratives being pushed by mainstream media outlets and geoengineering proponents lets us see a number of things. Firstly, how they are framing their narrative. Secondly, patterns in media news stories. Thirdly, which media outlets are participating in pushing mainstream geoengineering propaganda.