Raising Awareness Using Digital Media (Part 1): Hashtag Activism

It’s true, digital media or “new media” has made the world more connected and much smaller. It has also made the world less private, enabled more open dialogue and allowed for an increased awareness of the world we live it.

But, as with traditional media, digital media can be manipulated, distorted, twisted, monopolised, propagandised and even weaponised. “Fake News” has been around for as long as news itself, from Greek myths of gods and goddesses, medieval tales of witchcraft and the occult, fishermen’s tales of the one that got away, war propaganda, to historical records that generate a particular view of how the world was, and is.

Likewise, there have always been those who have used these same forms of media to promote change, raise awareness, to gain the attention of those who would otherwise look away and to inform communities about important information. Writers, anarchists, artists, musicians, campaigners, everyday people, hell, even some of those who are part of the establishment have used media in one way or another to share a message.

Here are some tips that may help you to get your message out to the wider digital community. While these tips do relate to OpChemtrails, I have tried to keep them generic so they are also relevant to other awareness campaigns.


Despite the fact that hashtags can be heavily censored, they are still an effective way of communicating information. Hashtags can be used on most social media platforms and are basically a way of filtering search results. OpChemtrails has used the #OpChemtrails hashtag on various platforms to raise awareness about geoengineering, the tag allows likeminded people to share information, images, videos etc. with other people who follow the tag (although for censored hashtags users will have to adjust their quality filters, sensitive information filters and tailored information filters, most platforms provide instructions on how to do this).

Hashtags can be expanded to cover specific topics. So for example, OpChemtrails currently uses these hashtags: #OpChemtrails, #OpCImageGallery (images and video), #OpCMediaWatch (mainstream media on geoengineering), #OpCLibrary (pdfs, articles, reports). While the #OpChemtrails hashtag is the primary #, the account also uses other tags such as: [#]geoengineering, SRM, SAI, MCB, SolarRadiationManagement, Sulfate Aerosol Injections, MarineCloudBrightening, CloudWhitening, SkyWhitening, Environment, Health etc.

Sometimes the tags are used in conjunction, other times individually, this helps to maximise the exposure of information. Using upper and lower case should not affect search results, but if you are having trouble finding information under a specific hashtag, simply run a key word search (e.g. without the ‘#’).