Video Information – Get involved in the first #OPCCommunityProject

Cancelled Due to Lack Of Response

Thanks to everyone who responded to our tweet asking who’d be interested in helping us make a video.

To show images/videos and share personal stories from all over the world and to illustrate this as a global problem.

What to do
1. email your videos/images (or a link to your media) – Note we are unable to download online footage, so this will have to be sent directly.
2. ensure each image, image set, video, or link includes the following information:
– Who credit should be given to (i.e. your twitter/facebook handle)
– Year Taken and/or month
– Country and/or State
– Notes or comments you would like to add (i.e. how long you’ve noticed chemtrails, how you first became aware, how they affect you and/or your local environment, why should people pay attention)

The amount of visual stock we receive will determine:
1. if the video will go for up to 1 hour, or
2. if the video will be broken down into a short series, with each series covering a specfic geographic location.
3. the expected timeframe to completion.


We will not be accepting submissions after May 31.

Send your emails to opchemtrails @ riseup . net

As this video will also be informative for younger generations, please try to avoid language that may be considered inappropriate for young ears.